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Navigating Thailand's medical system doesn't have to be a nightmare.

Learn how to use the Thai medical system to your advantage. More than a book, Medical Insurance in Thailand is a comprehensive, interactive guide that will not only lead you through the Thai healthcare system, but save you up to 50% along the way.

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About The Book

Inside You'll Find...

• Full descriptions of Thai hospitals: the 3-tier Thai medical system, their standards of care and certifications.
• Video interviews of expats describing their medical and insurance experience in Thailand
• Seven insurance strategies: from no insurance – all the way through to full, gold-plated International policies.
• Sample insurance rates and exclusions.
• Illustrated charts. 
• Frank, personal anecdotes from farangs who've tried to manage their health coverage alone (and their mistakes).
• Comparative medical procedure charges and coverage.
• Live links to trustworthy insurers.
• Tips like how to get a 50% discount from most hospitals for repeat visits.

Scary Ordeal or Interesting Experience?

Thailand's medical system is very different from our own. The high end is very high indeed, with most care of much higher quality than we're accustomed to at home. Service is much quicker, waiting times to see foreign-trained specialists much shorter (usually 20 minutes, without an appointment).

BONUS: Premium Care at Bargain Rates

I was quoted $7,000 for 2 eye operations in California so I went to Thailand instead.  I had the vacation of a lifetime (traveled all over SE Asia), completed the surgeries, came home with perfect eyesight and still had $1,000 in my pocket. I'll tell you how you can, too. Even help you.

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What Other People Think...

  • If you're planning to live in Thailand and care about your health (and bank account) I urge you to read this book from cover to cover.

    I did, and – quite unexpectedly – had to deal with a medical emergency (the result of delaying minor surgery too long) three months after I arrived. Fortunately, after I'd read the book I contacted Dr. Roberts, the author, who put me in touch with an insurance broker who speaks perfect Thai and English and who was able to get me covered by a local carrier...for peanuts compared to what I was paying at home. – Eric Eiser 

About The Author

Godfree Roberts lives in Thailand and has written 3 medical books based on his own experience with the medical system there. His books are chatty, informal, first-hand accounts of of what he and others endured, along with detailed breakdowns of policies, procedures, and prices.

Godfree Roberts  

Get Smart About Your Health

Even if you don't plan to get health coverage in Thailand this book will be of immense help: its self-insurance chapter is funny, gripping and extremely useful: it tells you how to get accident coverage from your bank (for peanuts) and where to get surgery for a few hundred dollars.